Privacy Policy

Summary (Website) doesn’t log or share any personal information.

We don’t track you. We don’t profile you. Period.

Summary (Apps)

The VTube Studio apps (macOS/Windows and iOS/Android) do not collect ANY user information. No user data, models, images, videos or face-tracking data created/streamed in the app are shared anywhere.


Details: Data Collection and Storage (VTube Studio)

For more details, please refer to Apple’s Data Collection and Storage Guidelines.


1. What data does this app collect, how does it collect that data, and how is that data used.

The app (iOS) uses TrueDepth APIs and collects the user’s face angle and facial expression information. No other data is collected from face tracking and this data is not stored. If the “stream to PC” function is activated, the face angles and expressions are sent to the IP on your local network that you’ve entered in the app.

The user can load avatars (“Live2D Models”) inside the app. Those avatars stay within the app and we do not have access to them.

The user may use built-in screen record functionality within the app. This allows the user to record the screen and microphone audio and save/share (e.g. Twitter) the movie afterwards. It works in the same way as the default iPhone screen recorder and permission is explicitly requested each time a recording is started.

Finally, the data collects logs unless they are turned off. Logs are saved in the app’s data directory and are simple text files. We do not have remote access to those logs. If you run into issues while using the app, we may ask you to send us those logs but you would have to do so manually. The logs do not contain any sensitive information and you can also access them at any time from within the app.


2. Third party with whom the data is shared.

The face tracking data is not stored on your device and is not shared with us or any third party. Other data (see 1.) is also not shared with us or third parties.


We do not collect any user data, so users may not request deletion of such data.


(ii) Permission

Before the app uses the TrueDepth API to get expressions/angles from the user’s face, permission is requested. If no permission is given, this function will not be available. The permission can be turned off at any time in the iPhone settings for this app. If the app is deleted, all contained data is also removed from the device.


(iii) Data Minimization

The data collected by the TrueDepth APIs involves and is limited to the user’s face angle and expression information.


(iv) Access

The app does not request any permissions that are not explicitly needed to perform the respective functionality.


(v) Account Sign-In

The app doesn’t include account-based features.


(vi to ix)

The app doesn’t obtain passwords or private data. The SafariViewController is not used. The app doesn’t track users without their knowledge and consent. The app doesn’t compile personal information from any source that is not directly from the user or without the user’s explicit consent. The App doesn’t provide services in highly-regulated fields (such as banking and financial services, healthcare, and air travel) or that require sensitive user information.


(x) In the Event of Data Breach

We will notify our users if there has been an unintentional disclosure or misuse of their user data.